The Only Summer Reading List You Need

The Only Summer Reading List You Need

What’s that, friends? You feel that gorgeous sunshine on your back and hear those birds chirping? Yup, it’s officially SUMMER! And to all the readers of the world, that means...


And the Dad Is Well Hung Drawing Winners Are……..

Forgive me, Dear Reader. I'm a day late announcing the winners of the Dad Is Well Hung Contest drawing. Three canceled flights. Five flight delays. An unexpected overnight. A thorough TSA search. A passport snafu. An aborted landing. TWO DAYS of my life. And you're like, "Shut up, Andra! Tell us who won the #DadIsWellHung drawing!"


Dad Is Well Hung In Seattle

Remember the movie Sleepless in Seattle? Well, Ted Strutz gave it a whole new Dad Is Well Hung meaning with his latest contest entry. If Roy were on this tour, do you think he'd enjoy it?