Caption the Cootchie Contest

Tuesday, I used a specific picture in a post. You can find it HERE. I made up a lame caption that fit the story, but I think you have all the clever, Dear Reader. How would you caption this picture?

And The Winner Is…….

Congratulations! The winner of David Burnsworth’s Southern Heat is…….. NW FRAME OF MIND! Way to go, Lisa! Your signed hardcover will be on its way to the Pacific Northwest this...

Where Everyone Is #Winning

Everyone except me, that is. I'm a shade in this space these days. Offline writing consumes my time and energy. I'm thrilled with the results: not one but TWO books launching in January, and another on its heels in March. Word Hermit Press selected another writer's novel for publication. I can't wait to help the promotional charge for Lisa A Kramer's feminist YA story P.O.W.E.R., coming December 1, 2014. A new website is in the works, with the awesome Cheryl and Bill Smithem guiding my techno-challenged steps. After months of data analysis and evaluation in the wake of my first book's birth, I'm shaking some things up, and I'm looking forward to seeing results in coming months. Enough excuses about my whereabouts. Nancy Teixeira and her husband won the To Live Forever: Journey to Charleston Contest back in April. Remember that one?