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Where In The World Am I Writer-In-Residence?

As you read this post, I’m on a plane bound for my next stint as writer-in-residence. I spent a month in Wales last year finalizing Hard to Die. Today, I’m headed...


I’m A Published……Poet?

I'm a published poet. Words I never thought I'd type. Because seriously, I can't rhyme. Or observe the rules of iambic pentameter. But last week, I debuted in my first-ever literary journal appearance. With a poem.

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On Why Melancholy Is Necessary

Writer Laren Stover made a case for melancholy in Sunday's New York Times. She exalted every excuse to be blue and extolled every morbid thought. She even imagined a world where she could retreat with her own darkness and despair. I closed my eyes and conjured the last time my world was truly black. Hopelessly hopeless. Months and months and months of downright morbidity. I was thirty-one and dumped by a man I wanted to marry.