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In the Midnight Hour, She Cried More, More, More

The midnight hour. Usually, I'm awake. Reading. Or.............something.

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Blinded By the White 2

It's happening again. I'm having that insidious, looping bad dream. I am blind. Instead of murky pitch, my vision is scrubbed of color. Tones recede until they become intelligible needles at the edges of my sight lines, twinkling a last gasp of varied hues before falling into blankness.

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The Problem of Contemporary Architecture

Besides being Andra's Mate/Target/Muse, I am also an architect in Charleston, SC. That means I am often asked my opinions about various Charleston buildings, especially works of contemporary architecture.

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I See Dead People Architecture

Just when I think being married to an architect couldn’t get more, ahem, entertaining, I am gobsmacked yet again. I spent a day riding a train to a remote suburb with MTM. We scurried along a grey stone wall, following it next to a road until it turned right into a gate, where the road opened up into what looked, to my untrained and tacky eyes, like Antarctica or that scene at the end of the movie “Alive,” where Aaron Neville sings “Ave Maria” as the cross comes into view on a range in the Andes. You know that place: where a plane crashed and they ate each other to stay alive.

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It Is Life That Is Right and the Architect Who Is Wrong

I went to New York with a different plan. My vision did NOT include a sweeping architecture exhibit. Rooms and rooms and rooms of doodles and drawings and models and photographs, all bulging with black-clad people in weird glasses who stand transfixed in front of every single thing, their mouths a perfect O of wonder, admiration and jealousy.

Life altered my careful drawing without my permission. "Oh, there's a Le Corbusier exhibit!" MTM-the-architect's voice practically squealed with glee. Before I could stop him, he was sucked into the noir-clad void.

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