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To Live Forever Reader Question Eight

Apologies for the second post for today, but last night's updates fell into a cell-hole.

Keep those questions coming, and I'll keep answering them!

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Rednecks White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer

"Don't hit that deer, Andra!"

"I SEE IT, DAD!!!!!!"

"Golly Molly, Andra. You're gonna kill us all. I hope this restaurant is worth all this trouble."

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What Kind of Man Leaves His Wife By the Side of the Road?

I adore Andra. Two days before she left for this 444-mile walk we had a surprise celebration for her at The Belmont in Charleston, the first time I had successfully surprised her since the day 10 years before when I made my proposal to her that she be my wife for life. These ten years have been my best years, so far.
How could I possibly let her wander of into the dangers of the Natchez Trace? Throughout history, the Trace has been a haunt of notorious highwaymen, robbers and murderers.

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Snake Skin, Gator Hide and Water Shoes

A tea-stained river, with a leafy window to the sky.

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She Sells Sea Shells

It was an oyster shell, bleached white. I found it in a box on my aunt’s dresser, the day I showed up to retrieve a few pieces of furniture and cleaned out her whole house to earn them.

I wasn’t emotionally prepared to finger through a whole lifetime in an afternoon. Which clothes might she wear at the nursing home? Did she need her underwear? Why did she have a tiny snuff can in the back of her medicine cabinet? Where did she wear a delicate pair of cream colored gloves, a green pill box hat? Why did she fail to tell me she met Ronald Reagan?

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