Have you waded past your first decade of marriage? Yeah, a hurricane can form at any moment, but by year ten, you’re surfing the big waves.

Whether or not you know how to work the board.

In 2014, even an easy marriage is hard to maintain. MTM travels for work. I travel for work. Because I work from home, I’m always working. We both give presentations and have appearances after hours and on weekends, and while I’m grateful for those things, I miss the days where the phone didn’t buzz and beep and ring, the internet moved like molasses, and my after 5pm/weekend focus was my husband.

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote out marriage vows for our new year together. They reflect our mutual wish to unplug. To slow down. To focus on building our relationship.

marriage vows

If you could do one thing to improve a relationship, be it with a partner, a friend, a family member or yourself, what would it be? Share your thoughts in a comment today.