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I’ll ask this question a lot in coming weeks:

What would you do to Make a Memory?

Or maybe I need to ask it a different way. You tell me, Dear Reader.

With the pending arrival of the thing-I’ve-been-working-on-non-stop, I’ve been thinking a lot about making memories. About turning I wish I had into I’m glad I did.

This blog is getting ready to change. As part of encouraging people to Make a Memory, I want to highlight written submissions from people who took time to make memories with loved ones. I hope to incite people to post videos asking loved ones to make specific memories before it’s too late. And I’ll take a picture with a caption to share.

I want to start a Make a Memory movement.

But I’m not sure how to frame the question to compel someone to participate. My brain is an eternal flame of ideas, but I’m not good at encapsulating those ideas into compelling, actionable things. I’ve written a memoir-as-example, but I want it to seed the movement. If it ends with me, I’ll be devastated.

If I wanted you to tell me about a time YOU made a memory with a loved one, would you? Is that the right way to ask? What would be the most effective way to get YOU to tell me your story?