I stood across the park. Spires loomed along the tree line. Stone erections rising from a skeleton, decorated with cranes.

I always hated the Sagrada Familia. Every photograph I saw was vomit from the mind of a mad man. Last time I was in Barcelona, I refused to go.

Why bother seeing something I could dismiss with a photo?


This time, I confronted the spectacle of weird shapes. Bizarre angles. I craned my neck at the suicidal statue on one face, wondering if he was as disoriented as I was.

Still determined to stick to my opinion, I bought my ticket. Wandered through words.


I studied the light. Listened to sound bounce off tree-like columns and sun bursts of stone. I watched cares drain from faces, as everyone frolicked in colors and shapes, music and wonder.


Buildings are layers of experience. Just like books. Or people.

I was wrong about Sagrada Familia.

What else am I wrong about when I dismiss an experience with a glance or two?


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If MTM has a male soul mate, it is Miguel Roldan. MTM met Miguel when he lived in Barcelona. They taught architecture together. They debated design together. They brainstormed. They laughed.

MTM even learned to appreciate coffee (in espresso form) from Miguel.

It has been almost a decade since MTM and Miguel have been together. But we are lucky. Miguel is in Charleston for the weekend. And MTM is cramming as much juju as he can into around sixty hours.

Because he loves Miguel. Not THAT way, but in the old fashioned male friendship way.

I almost felt like a third wheel when I hung around with them on Friday. I got over it, because I didn’t want to miss anything.


Miguel is one of those people who pass us in life, and he makes us want to get off the ship. Stay a while. See. Listen. Experience what’s there. I think that’s what MTM loves about him. He sees the world through Miguel’s eyes, and it’s different.

The world is possibility.

I love watching MTM see the world like that again.