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A Long Strange Trip In Killer Shoes

When presenting to large groups, it is imperative that a lady bedeck herself in the proper footwear. Heels not too high, because falling over in front of said large group could expose her naughty bits to strangers. Heels not too low, because said lady would like to create an enviable line of leg for her bored-and-sleeping group.

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Are You Speaking My Language?

Speaking in front of a group is one of the most dreaded things to force any person to do. Even though I’ve been paid to speak to groups…….even though I’ve done decades of performing……..even though I conduct a professional meeting every single week……..I still don’t much care for speaking in front of groups.

Especially when I do not know what the frack I am talking about.

Carnell got this bright idea that I should pitch a session to BarCampCHS, a community for sharing: “Use Scrivener to Write Your Bestseller.” I pitched it, because, in a sea of computer-literate folks, people who start conversations that I cannot even begin to follow, there was NO STATISTICAL WAY I would get selected.

That I could teach a class on a computer program is, to me, laughable. I’ve never watched a single online tutorial for Scrivener. And the instruction manual……WHAT instruction manual???? Why waste time reading all that stuff when I could just be writing, writing writing, right?


Somehow (Carnell), I ended up with a prime 3PM slot, teaching a class on a program I barely knew how to use, to a bunch of people who actually use the computer as way more than a typewriter.

Screwed. I was screwed.

I don’t really remember what happened. It’s like I went into a trance and one of my characters took over. But, my friend James came up afterwards and said I was good.

That was the only part of the language I understood. But, it was enough.

Thank you, James.


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