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We Are the Champions

I am not naturally confident. Never have been. When I set out to do a thing—anything—I always fight a world war with myself.

I'll never be able to do this.
No matter what I do, I'll fail.
I'm not fill-in-the-blank-enough to make this work.
Tackling any task means resetting my thinking, pretty much every day. Sometimes, multiple times a day.

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Wait’ll I Twerk For You Later

I went to my Rotary meeting Tuesday morning—Rotary, I mean, old, clueless people who don't know anything hip that's going on—and everyone was atwitter over a certain musical starlet's butt at the VMA's. I slurped my coffee and listened to my table mate yo-yo between horror at what this phenomenon will do to his innocent daughter and horniness at what it did to him.

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Spayed and Neutered

I love to tell people what to do. I relished it in public accounting, when I advised clients on tax saving strategies. I excelled at it when I ran a multi-million dollar law firm, even though attorneys.......well, they like to be asked, not told. I built my consulting firm around telling clients what to do to make more money.

I've spent my entire professional career being the real Bossypants.

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A Strange Man in my Bed

Four hours. That is how long it took me to drive the boring interstate highways between Charleston, SC and Raleigh, NC. I even got up early

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Mexican Radio

East Cooper Breakfast Rotary raised a lot of money for charity last night. A lot of margarita-infused Rotarians. Because Rotarians are cool. And hip. And generous.

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