Creative people go for their dreams. They make the world more vivid, light and color, beats and harmonies, words and stories, roles personified. Yet, I sometimes think creatives are the most reviled people in the world.

Why do we revile creatives?

Personally, I think creative people remind us what’s possible when we put ourselves out there. And let me tell you, TONS of souls are NOT willing to put themselves out there. Risk is squirmy and painful, embarrassing and prone to failure. Much easier to avoid it, right?

Unless one MUST create.

I can only describe my writing process. Characters pound on the inside of my skull, take over my thoughts in the middle of the day, and wake me up at 4am. They’re loud and obnoxious. I mean, imagine someone pounding on the inside of your head and shouting at 4am.

I write these crazies into existence to shut them up. It’s the only way to have peace. Call me psycho, but most creatives will admit trying to stop making their stories/music/pictures/parts is like putting a stopper in Mount Saint Helens seconds before it blows. It’s that pointless to fight creating when it’s one’s destiny.

Here’s how you can support the creatives in your life…..

I wrote the following to a creative friend recently. It is EXACTLY what I need to hear every time I express doubt about my own creativity. Most of the time, I get everything BUT this.

Print the following paragraphs. Save it in a folder on your computer or device. Use it the next time a creative you know needs a boost. Or the next time YOU do. 🙂

You have already made glorious, profound things. They are glorious and profound whether anyone sees them that way, regardless of how many they sell, and despite not getting buried by fan mail.

You, YOU SPECIFICALLY, were put here to make these glorious, profound things. Nobody else can make them with the same DNA. And perhaps the next glorious, profound thing will be the one that launches you into the stratosphere.

That’s why you must keep making glorious, profound things for as long as your soul itches to cleave off bits of itself and send them into the world. You’re sharing your essence.

Keep sharing it. Keep creating for as long as you have breath.

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