My husband MTM is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up eating things like frozen custard and cheese curds and Friday Fish Fry. Amazingly, he is a hot, slender man in spite of that early diet. On the other hand, I have never lived north of the Mason-Dixon line. While I love to get out of […]

“A 12 x 12 hole in the ground? Why, that’s the size of two graves!” quipped my mother when I told her that my husband and I were going to dig a hole together last weekend.  Already riddled with misgivings about this hole digging expedition, this was decidedly NOT the encouragement I needed. I’m not […]

Imagine that you’re driving your car. You get in. You crank it up. You turn on the AC, letting it blow mercifully in your face. You pull out of your driveway and propel your car to your desired destination. Imagine arriving at your desired destination. You drive around and around and around your desired destination. […]