fall hollow

Visit the Natchez Trace: Fall Hollow

I started my day at milepost 390. Asphalt and trees. A sliver of sky. My feet alternating on a cracked line of white. But water beckoned. Fall Hollow. Milepost 391.9. The Natchez Trace. Tennessee.

Yankee memories

Making Yankee Memories

While you've been thawing out from winter, I've been making Yankee memories with readers both seasoned and new.

NY Times shutterbug

The NY Times: Do Pictures Alter Our Memories?

In The New York Times story "Shutterbug Parents and Overexposed Lives," Margaret Riegel complains about the firehose of visual imagery from which children these days drink. Do photographs BECOME their memories, overriding any real brain imagery surrounding a particular event? Is that bad?