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Guardians of the Neighborhood

A window into my hermit-like existence.

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I Just Can’t Come

Do you ever procrastinate the end of something, because you know you're going to cry? Okay, I'm not asking you male readers, because you won't admit it, even if you shed a tear or two.

Anybody? Does the prospect of extreme emotion make you put something off? Delay finishing?

I'd love to hear your experiences, because I might not feel like a weirdo.

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Happy Birthday, Meriwether Lewis!

August 18 is Meriwether Lewis' birthday!!!

It's the first year I've celebrated.

No. Really.

MTM put together really cool postcards with Lewis' face on them. We planned to send them out to almost five hundred people.

Including most of you.

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Fate’s Fickle Fingering

I think I told you I'm in the North Carolina mountains. For three weeks, I'm holing up in a house on Mississippi Road. Writing a book set mostly in Mississippi. And eating food that's reminiscent of my Mississippi walk, because let's face it: I. Don't. Cook.

Today, I revised a section of the story.

And I cried.

And I sobbed.

And I heaved.

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WordPress Is Killing Me

It's late.

I've been writing all day.

With a migraine.

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