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Slammed by Sibilance

Sibilance. For those of us who know nothing about the mysterious world of audio recording, it's a thing that happens. Listening devices emit searing static, usually when the vocalist speaks the letters S, C and sometimes T.

And I have the most sibilant voice on the planet, Dear Reader.

I've recorded my entire book.

And it's FULL of sibilance.

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Gang Banged by Sound

Sound. As I type to the hum of traffic, the cross-hatch of MTM's pen, the pulse of keys, I sob and wish sound weren't a thing.

I know people who are virtually deaf. I don't wish for that fate or mean to diminish their disability.

But I am waterboarded by the sound of my own voice. People want to hear me read my memoir.

Or they *think* they do.

They don't know a theater critic once eviscerated my speaking voice in a review. "Etched in acid," he crowed.

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Give the Gift of Indie for the Holidays

No, not Indiana Jones (though I'd take him.) Gift indie books by indie authors and help talented people find an audience for their work.

My suggestions:

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Give Your Friends A Peek

You know you want to show your friends you're part of the in-crowd. Whether you're an advance reader or launch day buyer, everyone can get into the Not Without My Father: One Woman's 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace Make a Memory spirit RIGHT NOW.

The book's chapter titles are songs, and together, I hope they make a rocking playlist of road music. I've created the entire Not Without My Father playlist on iTunes. Buy the whole thing. Pick-and-choose.

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Dump On Me

Okay, Dear Reader. I'm ready.

For you to dump on me.

Give me your unvarnished opinions. In 2015, I want my words and examples to compel people to Make a Memory of their own. I've included working text and examples below. Is it confusing? Does it yield a Make a Memory idea or several? Is it unclear? Stupid? Compelling?

Dump on me. I want people to start inviting people to Make a Memory on January 2, 2015.

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