passion longwood plantation

Passion Is a Ball-Buster

See this house? Longwood Plantation. Natchez, Mississippi. A 30,000-square-foot dream house, begun by a Union sympathizer. In 1861. From a distance, Longwood's octagonal mass and cherry-on-top promises opulence. Grandeur. Impressive attention to architectural detail befitting a couple obsessed with living in the belly of their dream. It's only when one ventures inside that she learns the truth. The Civil War bankrupted the family. When he sent the workers north in 1862, he didn't know he'd be dead by 1864. She moved into the mansion's basement with her eight children, still fighting until her death in 1897 to garner federal reparations to finish her dream, to make the five stories above her head more than an elaborate, unfinished attic. Right now, I know how she felt.

florence county library

Library Spotlight: Florence County Library

My childhood library was a mansion. A castle. A book-lined building of burgundy brick. A portal to imagination. Adventure. Possibility. People I met through reading.

maggie walker

Reader Notes: Maggie Walker

I love reader notes. Maggie devoured an advance copy of Not Without My Father. I'm grateful to her for reading and for taking time to pen this bit of inbox sunshine.