Join Me for LILA’s Lowcountry Author Book Sale

In the Charleston, South Carolina area? Join me this Sunday, November 15, for the inaugural Lowcountry Initiative of the Literary Arts Book Sale & Author Signing.

audio version

Get Ready for the Audio Version of Not Without My Father!

For months and months and months, I've been promising an audio version of Not Without My Father. Today, I'm full-to-bursting. Sometime in the next month, the audio version of Not Without My Father will be available!

new york times best selling authors

10 Myths of Most New York Times Best Selling Authors

In case people still exist who haven't heard about my recent accomplishment, please allow me to bray it again. I'm now a New York Times Best Selling Author!!!!! We authors must enjoy these titles however they come. For most of us, they lack piles and piles and piles of money and unending fame. It's a rung on a still-staggering climb. A step toward the crest of Mount Everest, though we haven't crossed the ice field crevasses on flimsy metal ladders during an avalanche or walked past all the dead bodies entombed in full view. Or maybe it's a Grand Canyon-style cliff from which to fall. North Rim. Because HIGHER and STEEPER. I'm ecstatic. And grateful. And very, very realistic. Please enjoy my 10 Myths of Most New York Times Best Selling Authors.