A Facebook Change That’s Good For You

Facebook is at it again. They've changed their platform in a major way. This time, I THINK IT'S A GOOD THING. For the past 18 months or so, Facebook's algorithm has decided what you see in your newsfeed for both personal profiles and pages. In the past couple of weeks, they've changed the system. You can now control what you see on Facebook. EVERYTHING you see on Facebook.

biggest good

My Biggest Good News Yet Is………

As an unknown author, good news is scarce. I scan my sales revenues versus expenses, and because I'm an accountant, I understand columns full of RED. I hope my latest good news will *start* to change RED to BLACK. My biggest good news is coming in tomorrow's Read Andra Watkins July E-Newsletter.


When Is Snark Good News?

Friday, my very first piece of global snark will debut on one of the biggest niche websites in America. Which one, you ask?