I am not afraid of the world

People Who Are Afraid Of The World | #MakeAMemory

Are you afraid of the world? We live in a world consumed by fear. Fear of what might happen. Fear of people who spout opposing views. Fear of those who worship differently. Fear of worst possible outcomes, spelled out and dissected all over twenty-four hour news. I saw this Liz Gilbert quote in a New York Times interview a couple of weeks ago, and it spoke to me. Fear keeps us from being curious. When we're afraid, we don't challenge systems or ask questions. We shun adventure in favor of safety and security and sameness. Maybe we let fear keep us from living lives we're meant to lead.

Hamilton, Daveed Diggs

My Encounter with the Cast of Hamilton

Elly Lonon and I met some of the Hamilton cast. Enjoy our photos, and follow Elly’s writing journey HERE. Here we are with Daveed Diggs. He’s nominated for a Tony,...


Explore. Dream. Discover | #MakeAMemory

Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain Last week, I wrote about my writing residency at Stiwdio Maelor in Wales. I hope I can shrink my backside while making lots of words. If you missed it, catch up HERE. Garnering a writing residency is a competitive process. One must submit his or her work along with a list of writing accolades and accomplishments. She must have a work-in-progress that meets the stated goals and objectives of the organization. A demonstrated ability to work also helps, because writing residencies aren't vacations. They're opportunities to spend concentrated time focusing on our work. My work is writing. Only I don't feel much like a writer these days.....