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Roy’s Variety Show Makes a Stop in Charleston

They got breakfast at this place tomorrow? We can go out for breakfast if you want.

It's Cupcake, Dad. They have CUPCAKES....

They have lots of different flavors, huh? Maybe some blueberry muffins?

CUPCAKES, Dad. They are making a special CINNAMON SUGAR CUPCAKE just for my BOOK SIGNING. You know, like Emmaline has in my book?

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Set Your Mind on Fire. Read.

Need more evidence that our superficial skim-and-go world is bad for your brain? Look no further than this 2012 study on the impact of reading on the brain, published in the World of Psychology. Read the story by clicking here.
It's short. I'll wait.

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Fight Brain Drain. Read a Novel.

What does it cost our brains if we don't read long-form works? According to this study by Emory University in Atlanta, maybe.....a lot. Click here to read the UK Independent article on the impact of novel reading on brain function.

I'll wait.

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I Came. I Saw. I READ.

I read an article in the Washington Post recently. Reading Is Different Online Than Off. Seriously. Click on the link.

I'll wait.

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Meet Me At Cupcake Saturday April 19

The folks at Cupcake's King Street Charleston location have been working. FOR WEEKS. On a very special cupcake.

Behold, the cinnamon sugar cupcake-that-looks-like-a-doughnut-Emmaline-might-eat.

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